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Sieghart (Ziggy) Stampfl was a master tool and die maker with over 40 years experience. He was on the cutting edge of medical device technology improvements. While working for Cordis, he was redesigning and modifying tools and fixtures used in the manufacture of pacemaker, artificial kidney, and catheter products.

Dr. William P. Murphy, founder of Cordis and owner of Small Parts, Inc., started a second operations machine shop at Small Parts. Ziggy was the perfect fit as President of Manufacturing for many years. The shop was responsible for all tubing/wire modification requests and custom component fabrication. During his time at Small Parts, Ziggy redesigned the cutting equipment and set up the procedures for cutting, deburring, and cleaning cut hypodermic tubing and stainless steel wires. These tools and procedures remained in use until Small Parts ceased their precision cutting service in early 2009.

When Small Parts was acquired by Amazon, Ziggy decided to break out on his own and established Ziggy’s Tubes and Wires in June 2005.

After moving the business to Tennessee in 2008, Ziggy used resources at Tennessee College of Applied Technology to search for the next generation of machinists. Bruce Miller started working with Ziggy in August while attending school, graduating in 2010 with honors, and a degree in Machine Tool Technology.

Bruce became Supervisor of Operations at Ztubes in early 2012. In mid-2013, Ziggy decided to retire and stay on as consultant, promoting Bruce to President of the company in January, 2014.

Ziggy’s ingenuity and workmanship still exist today as Ziggy’s Tubes and Wires continues to expand capabilities with new machines each year. Ziggy’s desire was to provide the best quality and quickest turn around on your tubing, wire, and component fabrication requirements. Our company’s promise is to always provide efficient, quality products to our customers with a fair price. Bruce is carrying that tradition forward today.

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