Capillary Tubing – Stainless Steel Type 316L

0.064”OD with 0.005”, 0.010”, 0.015”, 0.020” or 0.030”ID’s

Capillary tubing is extruded from a billet of type 316L stainless steel and is seamless and fully annealed.  The material is re-drawn through a die, heat-treated in a vacuum furnace and worked, cleaned, and re-worked until reduced to size.

Annealing is a process wich removes the temper, or stiffness from the tubing, resulting in a tube which can be easily bent and formed.

Capillary tubing has a very small inside diameter and a very heavy wall.  Primarily used in high pressure applications such as HPLC and gas chromatography, this tubing can be used wherever a small ID tubing is required.  The 0.064”OD makes connecting to this tubing simple; use standard 1/16” compression fittings.

The chemical composition of capillary tubing makes it a perfect material for laser welding tubes and assemblies.

  • Note: Citric Passivation is available upon request.
  • Return of custom parts or stock material requires preauthorization.
  • Standard Lengths 36”.  Longer lengths available upon request

Capillary Tubing - Available Sizes

OD ID Ref Wall Part Number Price per 36″
0.064″ 0.005″ 0.0295″ 064005316L-36 $18.06
0.064″ 0.010″ 0.027″ 064010316L-36 $18.06
0.064″ 0.015″ 0.024″ 064015316L-36 $18.06
0.064″ 0.020″ 0.022″ 064020316L-36 $18.06
0.064″ 0.030″ 0.0165″ 064030316L-36 $18.06
0.064″ 0.040″ 0.0125″ 064040316L-36 $18.06

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